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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are you located

A: We are located in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is situated 1 hr and 30 minutes (130km/80mi) south of Cancun, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. More specifically, we are located in the town of Tulum and a 5-10 minute drive (4km/2.4mi) from Tulum´s beautiful white sand beaches.

Q: Is Tulum similar to Cancun or Playa del Carmen?

A: Although situated in the same state, Tulum is very different than Cancun or Playa del Carmen. In Tulum, we are less developed and more ¨authentic.¨ Tulum is less commercial/Americanized than Cancun and Playa del Carmen and way more laid back. There is more culture here (a ton of locals still speak the Mayan language!) and the beaches are less crowded, not to mention more protected. You will not find any big box hotels or resorts in Tulum. All hotels and restaurants are family run or ¨mom and pop,¨ a throwback to the yesteryear of Mexico!

Q: Is Tulum safe? I hear negative things about Mexico in the press and at the water-cooler?

A: Tulum (and the Yucatan Peninsula as a whole) is a very safe destination, both to live and travel. Crime here barely exists and most reported crime is considered ¨petty crime.¨ You do not need to feel anxious or nervous when exploring Tulum. Enjoy yourself and soak in the sun!

Q: Why stay in town when I can stay on the beach?

A: This question is asked all the time and our answer is simple. There are a few reasons to choose to stay in town. Most hotels at the beach are double or triple (sometimes more!) the cost of lodging at our hotel. Although we dont boast a beach, we do boast clean, comfortable and affordable rooms. Unlike Cancun or Playa del Carmen, the beaches of Tulum are off the grid (no electricity) and for the most part offer rustic and rough accommodations at a premium price (don´t fall for this!). Nearly 100% of the beach hotels do not offer the comforts of electricity (some beach hotels (not all) offer generated electricity for a few hours per day), AC, WiFi, Cable TV, hot water, or insect free rooms. Additionally, it is no secret that Tulum´s legendary dining and night-life is found in town (we are walking distance from the best restaurants). Our lodging may come across simple and modest to North Americans or Europeans standards, but for Tulum´s standards, it really is a step above most beach hotels, for a price you cannot match. Do not fall prey to fancy marketing from beach hotels. Save money with us, sleep in comfort and take a cab for $5 USD to a beach club; this is the smart way to visit Tulum.

Q: Your hotel is in town and not on the beach, so how can I access the beach? How can I use a beach hotel´s amenities for a day trip to the beach?

A: Every single beach in Mexico is Federal land, thus is public land. You may walk and lounge and hang out on any part of our beaches. If you want to use a hotel´s amenities for the day (IE. their loungers, their bar/restaurant, their restrooms, etc), you will need to buy and consume something. Buy a few drinks or lunch and you will be OK. Most of Tom´s recommendations, seen on your map upon check-in, will not charge what is known as a ¨bed fee.¨ Some hotels charge this fee, but it usually is nominal and cost about $5-10 per person per day, and is usually waived if you purchase food and/or drink. But again, most don´t charge this, you just need to purchase some food and/or drink. If for some reason you don´t want to use a beach hotel´s amenities, you can just set up shop with a beach towel (provided in your room) and lay anywhere on the beach.

Q: How many rooms does Posada Luna del Sur have?

A: We are a small (although one of the bigger) boutique hotel. We have 12 suites onsite. Commencing in November 2017, we will have a 2000 sq ft penthouse available. This penthouse is perfect for groups and families. The penthouse will come equipped with all the amenities that a typical condo rental (or AirBnb) in Tulum has to offer (or more!), with a more competitive rate.

Q: I see this is a family-run hotel; are you guys open 365 days a year? Do you take breaks from operating?

A: The hotel is closed twice annually, due to a local Mayan festival that takes place a block behind the hotel. We are closed because the music and festivities are too loud and run throughout the night to early morning hours. This is also a good time for the owners to take a break and re-charge their batteries. Posada Luna del Sur is closed October 7th to October 20th & March 7th to March 15th.

Q: What kind of breakfast do you serve?

A: Most hotels in Tulum, (especially in our price range) do not include breakfast within their rate. We serve breakfast all year-long and it is included in your rate! We serve a full a la carte menu that includes an appetizer of fresh baked Mexican pastries (not served during low-season). Included in our menu is; premium organic Mexican coffee, a variety of gourmet teas, fresh premium squeezed orange juice and a selection of fresh made-to-order traditional Mexican dishes; Huevos Rancheros, Chilaquiles, Breakfast Burritos (not served during low season), Mole Enchiladas, Flautas and Tostados.

Q: Do you offer on-site parking? Is it free of charge?

A: The hotel has four complimentary parking spaces available for use. If taken, street parking is available nearby.

Q: Does the hotel have security?

A: Although not needed, because of the tranquil nature of Tulum, we do have two bellhops/security working 24 hrs a day. They are there to check-in guests after hours and assist with luggage and emergencies. They each have completed mandatory first aid courses.

Q: Do you have a bar or a common area?

A: For the moment, we do not have a bar, however we have plans in mid-2017 to open a little bar, alongside our kitchen. We have a rooftop common area/lounge available for all guests to use. Bring up a bottle or bottles to enjoy before we open our bar!

Q: Is this hotel a non-smoking hotel?

A: We do not allow smoking in our rooms. We allow smoking on the balconies/patios or throughout our rooftop lounge.

Q: Do you have free WiFi? Is WiFi available in-room?

A: We offer free WiFi to all guests! Posada Luna del Sur is the only hotel in ALL of Tulum that has access to a commercial high speed fiber optic line (100Mb/s). This is due to our location to the main avenue and the three fiber optic boxes scattered around town. No other hotel has access to these fiber optic boxes, making our internet reliable and extremely fast. Some rooms might have a WiFi signal; it really depends on your device. However, due to the construction of this hotel (thick concrete walls), we do not guarantee, nor do we advertise in-room WiFi. Strong WiFI is available for use throughout our rooftop lounge ¨WiFi hot-spot.¨

Q: What star rating is your hotel?

A: We are a three star lodging. Mostly comparable to a ¨Holiday Inn Express¨ type lodging. We are a value hotel. We pride ourselves on clean, comfortable and value pricing. Tulum is a very expensive destination as a whole. We believe everybody can stay in Tulum without breaking the bank.

Q: Is your hotel a kid friendly hotel? What about pet friendly?

A: We are 100% family friendly! Sorry, at this time we do not allow pets, unless your dog is a working dog, IE. guide dog for the blind, handicap assistant dog, etc.

Q: Does your hotel have a swimming pool?

A: We do not have a swimming pool. Many moons ago, the idea crossed us. We decided against it, as we have the most beautiful swimming pool 5 minutes away (the Caribbean Sea).

Q: What is a TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Hotel? Are you truly an Eco-friendly hotel?

A: A lot of hotels in Tulum claim to be Eco-friendly. A lot of this is smoke and mirrors and are not legitimate Eco-friendly establishments. Posada Luna del Sur is a proud member of the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders programs. Each hotel must apply and be approved to be accepted into this program. If accepted, GreenLeaders achieve one of four statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The higher the status, the greater the impact of a property’s green practices. We are currently a proud Gold member and working toward platinum status. All TripAdvisor GreenLeaders members are audited and are committed to green practices like recycling, using Eco-friendly/organic products, local and organic food, management use of hybrid vehicles and more. More can be learned about this prestigious program over at TripAdvisor´s website.

Q: How far is Cancun International Airport and how do I get to the hotel?

A: Cancun International Airport is 1 hr and 30 minutes (130km/80mi) from Tulum. Please see our location page for detailed directions. There are a few ways to get to Tulum from Cancun International Airport. The cheapest way would be to arrange transport via the ADO Bus service (available at the airport for a nominal fee, usually between $20 – $40 USD per person) however this is the most time consuming way to get here, but if you´re on a budget, the cheapest). You can also arrange a rental vehicle from the airport (use google to pre-book and find great deals). You can use a taxi (this can be tricky, as it can range from $100 – 150 USD, depending on your negotiating skills). You can per-arrange (with us) a two way shuttle service, which will cost $199 USD. This is the most recommended way of traveling here; as it is dependable, cost effective and quick. Please ask Graham, our reservation specialist about shuttle service, during the booking process.

Q: The hotel is not located on the beach, do I need a rental vehicle to get there?

A: Tulum has an abundance of taxis readily available near the hotel. It will cost about $5 – $10 USD (depending how far you go) to travel to the beach, sometimes cheaper. The best shops, bars and restaurants reside in town, so you may easily walk from the hotel without the need for transportation. For day-trips outside the city limits (trips to Chechen Itza, Akumal, Coba Ruins, etc), the hotel can arrange a round-trip taxi at a discounted rate. If you do come across a good deal on a car rental, this can be convenient as well, as you can travel around at will.

Q: How much do taxis cost in Tulum?

A: Super cheap! After you check-in, you’ll recieve a handy guide with a handy updated taxi price-list. Ride-sharing apps such as Uber are not available in Tulum.

Q: How far are you from the local archeological sites?

A: We are a 13 minute/4.5km/2.7mi drive to Tulum archeological site, a 43 minute/47.5km/29.5mi trip to Coba archeological site, a 1hr45min/127km/79mi trip to Ek Balam archeological site and a 1hr53/153km/95mi trip to Chechen Itza.

Q: What time should I visit archeological sites?

A: You want to arrive at 8AM, right when the site opens. If you leave it too late (past 9:30AM) you risk arriving when tourists from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, cruise ships and surrounding areas arrive.

Q: What are cenotes?

A: A cenote (pronunciation: American Spanish: [ˈsenote], /sᵻˈnoʊti/ or /sɛˈnoʊteɪ/) is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. There are many within driving distance of the hotel. They really are beautiful to swim in and must be explored!

Q: What is this hotel map I keep reading about?

A: When you check-in, you will receive a custom map made by the hotel´s owner, Tom. This map is filled with useful stuff to visit and explore. From restaurants, to cenotes, to archaeological sites to places to chill on the beach– this frequently updated map has it all!

Q: Tom? Who´s that?

A: Tom Evans is the owner of Posada Luna del Sur. He resides in Tulum with his wife Mary and three children Carter, Mia and Madison. Tom moved to Tulum from the USA in 2008. Tom prides himself on his property and is available during the mornings to answer any questions one might have. One of few expats who lived in Tulum in 2008, Tom is motivated to help you have a great trip! Stop by the reception during the morning hours, for expert local advice. Tom’s office hours are from 8:00 AM to 12PM daily and 8:30AM to 11AM on weekends. Tom can be reached after hours via email, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. With nearly a decade of experience operating Posada Luna del Sur, Tom has seen it all. Tom is fully certified in first-aid/CPR and speaks three languages fluently (English, Spanish and French). Please feel free to email him before your stay, with any questions you might have.

Q: Graham? Who´s that?

A: Graham is Tom´s father. Graham is in charge of reservations. Any rate questions, wedding bookings, or general billing inquiries should be directed to him. Graham is no stranger to Tulum as well and has visited countless times since 2008. Feel free to email him with any questions you might have regarding billing and/or reservations.

Q: Can you guys help plan and host my wedding party? Can you provide services for my wedding?

A: Tulum is the perfect place to host a wedding and get married! We have experience organizing and facilitating weddings. We can arrange a wedding at the beach, on our third floor terrace or at the local catholic church. We can arrange a priest and as well as help assist with all the necessary legal paper work. We can also host your reception (up to 50 guests) and have a fully catered dinner menu. Additionally, we offer group discounts if the hotel is fully rented by your guests and/or wedding party. If you have any special requests on this special day, we can work with you to make it happen.

Q: Should I buy pesos in my country of origin or withdraw from the local ATMs? Should I use USD while in Tulum?

A: You should use the local ATMs. The exchange rate does not differ much and it saves your from carrying a large amount of money. Although local restaurants, shops and beach clubs accept USD, they will most likely give you a poor exchange rate. You are better off visiting ATMs (there are a few on the main avenue, Avenida Tulum) and withdrawing pesos. Most banks have international partnerships with other banks. Check with your bank to see if they have a partnership in Mexico, so you can save on international transaction fees. For example, Tom´s bank is Bank of America. They have a partnership with Scotia Bank, which operates in Tulum. He saves about $4 per transaction. Note, you still might have to pay a standard banking fee, which can vary, but is nominal. Another useful tip is to tell your bank that you are traveling abroad. This way, your bank wont freeze your bank account for ¨suspicious¨ activity.

Q: I want to book a tour, do you have any information on that? Can you book me a tour?

A: Yes, we book tours. We also test tours on a bi-monthly basis with new vendors. We have hand-picked what we believe are the best tours available in Tulum. By ¨best,¨ we mean the best value, the best service and the most unique tours. Please go to the Tours & Services page to learn more about booking an excursion. On this page, you can view or download our in-room tour book. We always recommend pre-booking a tour, as spaces are limited.

Q: Do I need to tip in Tulum?

A: Tipping should be done at your discretion. For wait-staff at off-site restaurants, it is typically 15-20% of your final bill. Like any other part of North America, tipping is required if the job is done well. In Mexico it is customary to tip taxi drivers, wait-staff and house-keeping, for a job well done. Tour operators can also be tipped for a job well done. Remember, these folks work hard to please you on your vacation, so if you are satisfied, gratuity is always appreciated. For waitstaff and our chefs, we recommend tipping $50-100 MXN per day ($2.50 – $5 USD per couple, per day). For housekeeping we recommend the same amount. For taxi drivers, this is at your discretion. The longer the trip, the higher the tip.

Q: Can I drink the tap water at your hotel or in Mexico as a whole?

A: Unfortunately, most of Mexico does not have proper water treatment plants. You can bathe in the water, without a problem, however drinking the water will make you ill. Unlike most hotels in Tulum, our hotel provides each guest with a complimentary (unlimited) 30L/8 Gallon purified water jug. Please use this to brush your teeth and to hydrate. The jug will be replaced by house-keeping when the supply is low. While eating at local restaurants, purified bottled water is available for purchase. Ice cubes used in restaurants are produced with purified water. Fruits and vegetables are also washed with purified water and anti-bacterial agents.

Q: Why can´t I flush toilet paper in Tulum?

A: Like 80% of Mexico and like many developing third world countries, Tulum does not have a proper sewer system in place. Establishments rely on septic tanks. Throwing toilet paper down the toilet can create blockages and floods in your room. Don´t worry, you will get used to this cultural shock within a couple of days.

Q: I don´t have a PayPal account and I do not or cannot open an account to pay my invoice. What do I do?

A: Great news! You do not need a PayPal account to pay a PayPal invoice. It is a very simple process. Once your room is booked, we will send you a link for the room to be paid. Follow the link and use your credit card (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard) to pay the PayPal invoice, no account required. The process is simple, secure and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Q: Why did I see your rate higher and/or lower on an Online Travel Agency (OTA) IE.,, etc? Where can I get the best deal on my booking?

A: Our partner booking websites are a great way to keep our hotel booked. However, these sites charge us a steep commission per booking. Most of the time, it is cheaper to book with us directly. Occasionally, we run promotional sales/discounts on our partner websites, so it may be possible to get a better deal with a partner website, however, typically it is cheaper to book direct.

Q: I booked online using a partner website (IE.,, etc) and I used my credit card to pay. When I checked-in I was given an invoice and my passport was collected. Why?

A: Bookings made online with our partners are purely to reserve a room. Submitting your credit card information is not a form of payment. This is given to reserve your room and to protect us from a ¨no-show.¨ Bookings made with our online partners need to be paid in advance (we email you an invoice) or at the hotel level. Your passport is taken as a security precaution and will be returned upon payment. Your passport is stored in the hotel safe for safe keeping. NOTE: we only accept cash or credit cards (PayPal) as a form of payment.

Q: Do you accept cash for a booking?

A: We accept cash payments from walk-ins or ¨last minute¨ partner internet partner websites.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We accept all major credit cards via PayPal for pre-booked rooms. We have an in-house credit card terminal for walk-ins or last minute OTA (online partner websites) bookings.

Q: Do you accept Bitcoin as a form of payment?

A: Yes, we accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. We will make necessary steps to complete this transaction if requested.

Q: Do you do discounts for extended stays or wedding parties (IE. booking all 12 rooms):

A: Yes we do! If you book more than 14 days, we offer a discount. If you book the entire hotel for a wedding party, special occasion, etc, we offer discounts. Please ask Graham, our reservation specialist for more information regarding discounted room rates.

Q: What is our cancellation policy?

A: Reservation changes/cancellations requested less then 7 days of expected check-in are subjected to payment for the entire length of stay of the proposed confirmed reservation; cancellation of confirmed reservations more then 7 days prior to expected check-in will be subjected to a 25% fee of the total original confirmed reservation. Deaths in the family or ¨acts of God,¨ are eligible for hotel credit.

Q: What time can I check-in/check-out? What is the latest I can check-in?

A: Check-in time is 3 p.m. and check-out is at 11 a.m. If applicable, a late checkout can be granted until 1PM. If you must arrive early, please make arrangement with us ahead of time so that we may make the necessary preparations to store your luggage. We cannot guarantee baggage storage without a request, nor can we guarantee that your room will be ready before 3PM. Lastly, we cannot guarantee access to the hotel before (sometimes we are at full capacity and rooms simply not ready) 3PM, unless a request is made before-hand; NOTE: Guests who are approved for an early check-in before 12PM, will be charged a half-day fee. We do offer free baggage drop-off, please advise ahead of time. The latest a guest can check-in is 3AM.


Please check back soon, as this FAQ is always being updated. If you have a question, please email for assistance.


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